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Giới thiệu [Wood pellets] packing and transportation

Sawdust pellets are products produced from sawdust through compression and bonded together by adhesives. Sawdust pellets are used as fuel in industrial boilers, incinerators in wood and paper mills, or for use in thermal heaters. In addition, sawdust pellets can also be used as an organic fertilizer for crops or as a lightweight building material.

Sawdust pellets have low moisture, low ash and high heat emission, safe for users' health, so they are increasingly popular in markets requiring high temperatures.

Currently, Vietnam is one of the leading producers of sheep mulch pellets in the world and has made significant development in this field. The demand for pellets of sheep mulch is increasing worldwide for use as fuel in thermal power plants or as organic fertilizer.

According to data from the General Department of Vietnam Customs, in the first 4 months of 2023, Vietnam's export turnover of wood, coal and humus pellets reached about 75 million USD, up 12.8% compared to in the same period last year. In which, the export of humus tablets accounts for a large proportion and is showing a positive growth trend.

However, the production of humus pellets still faces a number of challenges such as: high input material costs, inconsistent production costs in different regions, unadvanced production technology and competitive edge. competition from other manufacturers in the world.

Some form of tablet packing and shipping.

1. Pack tablets into small PP bags, then pack into pallets.

wood pellets pp packing wooup co ltd

With this packing, we can fit about 20 tons of tablets in a 20ft container. However, this form of packaging costs the factory an additional cost of PP bags.

In fact, Vietnam has very few prescriptions to export tablets in the form of civil use, so this form is less popular.

2. Pack tablets into Jumbo bags, then pack into containers

jumbo packing for wood pellets wooup co ltd +84922102222

Pack tablets with jumbo bags

Each Jumbo bag can hold from 650kg to more than 800kg.

According to the experience of the factory owners, this form can pack about 14 -15 tons of goods in a 20ft container.

Therefore, if customers require jumbo bags, they can switch to a 40ft container that will hold 25 - 27 tons.

This will be more economical.

3. Directly spray the tablets into the container

pump into container wood pellets wooup coltd

Packing tablets by direct injection into the container

This is my preferred form, saving both suppliers and customers in orders of several thousand tons.

In this form, the factory will reduce the cost of packaging and jumbo bags. Also by this direct spray with 20ft container can hold about 18 - 20 tons.

However, if the buyer does not have the manpower to unload, but can only use a forklift, it is imperative to return to the option of using jumbo bags.

4. Directly pouring tablets into bulk carriers (ships)

bulk cargo wood pellets wooup co ltd +84922102222

Transporting tablets by bulk ship

This form of transportation is often used with large orders of about 10,000 tons.

In this form, the pellets are transported directly to the port, then hoisted and discharged directly into the cargo hold of the bulk carrier.

Some people worry that by this form of transportation, the tablets are susceptible to moisture gain during transportation.

We don't have a document about this, but in fact, with large orders exported to Japan, we all use this form of shipping.

Vị Trí [Wood pellets] packing and transportation

    Looking at the standard table above, we see that the required heat is usually at least 3900 kcal/kg; humidity < 10 and ash ranges from 0.5 to 5.

    Here ash is understood as the part of the waste that cannot burn anymore after completely burning the tablet. If the ash level is high, you have to spend a lot of money to treat this waste. So customers are very interested and strictly check this level of ash.

    It is this level of ash that will determine what quality your pellets are, and how much will be the export price, respectively. The lower the ash, the better your pellets and the better they sell.

    In addition, we also see that the ash level according to Korean standards is higher than that of Japan and Europe, so the quality of tablets exported to Korea will be lower than that of Japan and Europe. Likewise, the price of tablets exported to Korea will be lower than the price of tablets exported to Japan and Europe.


Tiện ích [Wood pellets] packing and transportation

    Currently, in Vietnam, raw materials for the production of tablets are usually from the following sources:

    • Sawdust, shavings from sawmills
    • Wood chips from furniture factories
    • Peeled chipboard
    • Fresh wood from planted forests such as acacia, rubber, pine, etc.

    In which, if the raw materials are selected as sawdust, shavings or wood chips, the cost of drying materials will be saved. However, these materials often contain many impurities such as soil, sand, wood glue. This makes the tablets contain many impurities such as sulfur, sodium, and nitrogen that exceed the allowable standards.


Mặt Bằng - Thiết Kế [Wood pellets] packing and transportation

    If fresh wood is used, it will cost the cost of drying the material before pelleting. Because fresh wood contains a lot of water, to achieve the required moisture content below 10, it is necessary to dry the material. In addition, because fresh wood contains bark, it also contributes to the increase of impurities leading to an increase in the ash level of the tablets.


Nhà Mẫu[Wood pellets] packing and transportation



    Vietnamese side:

    When the price of tablets was high, many small workshops opened. This leads to oversupply, so they have to compete with each other on price.

    When many factories opened, the price of raw materials also increased, which caused small factories to increase input prices on the one hand, and force output prices on the other hand, leading to closure.

    When supply and demand balance, the price of tablets increases again.

Phương Thức Thanh Toán [Wood pellets] packing and transportation

    Through the table of subsidies above, we see that the Korean government is gradually restricting the import of pellets by lowering the electricity price subsidy for factories using imported pellets.

    Instead, encourage the use of domestic pellets by increasing subsidies for electricity prices for factories using domestically produced pellets in Korea.

    In addition, according to some longtime factory owners, the rise and fall of oil prices also affects the increase and decrease in the price of export pellets.

    In general, in the future, the Korean market will still have a downward trend because of the policy to encourage self-manufacturing of tablets.

    Finding a new market or encouraging the domestic market in Vietnam will be the solutions in the coming time.


VIDEO [Wood pellets] packing and transportation